Darkest Hour


Marco Walzel

Announcing another festival appearance for our August 2021 - European summer festival run. - ALCATRAZ - lets party!… https://t.co/IbkWJAwmd8

UNDOING RUIN LIVE 12 INCH IS ON THE WAY! Our friends at Furnace Manufacturing just sent this video of the actually… https://t.co/nRtWWOrt5S

We have both PDF and GUITAR PRO versions of the following records available for IMMEDIATE download and riffing! -G… https://t.co/H0Yt36KTLO

“For every Dead God who worships the living, and every lost Soul starving submission for all, the tyrants will fall… https://t.co/BM67gKfZol

ONLY 10 reserve spots left for the FIRST PRESS of our Undoing Ruin Live at the Black Cat Record on Limited 12 Inch… https://t.co/MHpvfKyvWg